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Every woman deserves access to a birth control prescription

Birth control is a basic need, but some how getting access to it in Canada isn’t always easy.

We make it easy to get access to trusted birth control prescriptions online, all from the comfort of home.

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Learn more about birth control and the important safety information.

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    We carry most generic and brand name medication. If you’re not sure, our medical team can recommend one for you.

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Great experience. Easy to navigate, easy to get my script filled. Staff are helpful, friendly and respond quickly. Would definitely recommend.


Within an hour . . . a doctor contacted me to make sure that particular medication was what I wanted. Doctor was friendly and knowledgeable. Within minutes . . . being confirmed my order was put through and I received my medication after 2 days.


I love Felix! My medications always come on time and they always answer my questions so quick. I would highly recommend, especially if you dont have time to make it to the Dr for an appointment or can't get one.


So quick and easy in every way!! Love it, highly recommend it. I've already told all my friends and theyve had the same type of experience.


Super convenient and affordable! Much easier than having to book a doctors appointment and wait to get a prescription filled.


Oh my gosh. So amazing! Delivers right to your door, fast responses and they take my health care! I'm so impressed, this is definitely the future of prescriptions


Best place to get birth control. No more annoying doctor visits


Super convenient, and amazing customer service! The team always responds +++ fast and answers every question and concern. Very pleased with Felix!


The best service!!! So happy I never have to try and get myself to the pharmacy anymore. This is the future!!!


Love that they send me refills without me having to even think about it! So convenient and cheap


Transparent pricing.

At Felix, it’s our goal to make pricing as transparent and easy as the care we provide. Here’s how it works.

Online visit fee

$40 for most treatments
  • Reviewed by a Canadian healthcare practitioner
  • Includes up to 1 year of refills

Treatment cost

Depends on the treatment
  • Choose a treatment schedule that works for you
  • Direct billing with your insurance provider
  • Licensed practitioners available for any questions

Got questions?
We have answers.

How effective are birth control pills?

If used exactly as instructed, birth control pills are approximately 99.7% effective. However, due to timing errors, forgotten pills, result in birth control pills being closer to 91% effective. Needless to say, the better you are at taking your birth control prescription medication as prescribed, the more likely it to be more effective.

Can I get a refill of my existing birth control prescription?

Yes! But you will need to transfer your current birth control prescription to Felix. Just choose the Transfer Now option to complete the steps to create a Felix account, complete your medical profile and give us all the information related to your current birth control prescription. Our pharmacy will then contact your current pharmacy to complete the transfer.

Do you offer alternative forms of birth control?

Currently, Felix offers pills, patches, and rings as birth control options.

Which birth control option is right for me?

During the online visit, you will be able to say that you are not sure and the doctor will prescribe according to your medical profile and assessment. You can also send the doctor a question as to what birth control option may work best for you.

How much does the prescription birth control cost?

Birth control medication filled via Felix has a starting cost of $8.74 per package. The price does not include the pharmacy fill fee and it will vary based on the drug chosen, the province it is shipped to, and the refill schedule chosen.

Am I covered by my insurance?

Treatments are generally covered by provincial plans and by some private plans. As of April 1st, 2019, OHIP+ covers birth control for all women in Ontario, under 25 years old and that do not have private insurance. Make sure to upload your OHIP card during your online visit so that the pharmacy can apply your coverage.

Can I get birth control online?

Yes, with Felix you can get birth control online. Complete a short online assessment and select from the treatment options available. If approved by a doctor, your medication will ship to your door.

How do birth control pills work?

Birth control pills work by preventing ovulation, thickening cervical mucus to stop sperm from penetrating the uterus, and changing the thickness of the lining of the uterus so that a fertilized egg cannot implant. Talk to your healthcare practitioner to find out more about the differences between each type of birth control pill and to find the best birth control for you.

How do I take birth control pills?

It's always best to follow your healthcare practitioner's advice on how to take birth control pills. It's important to take your birth control pill at the same time every day, but don't panic if you miss a pill. The schedule for different types of birth control pills can vary (some come in 21, 24, or 28-day packs), so talk to your healthcare practitioner if you have specific questions.

How to get birth control online

You can get birth control online by ordering through an online healthcare service like Felix. Rather than having to go to the doctor to renew your prescription, then to the pharmacy to get your prescription filled every few months, you can skip all those visits and get your prescription and medication right through Felix. Since birth control is one of those things that you don’t want to accidentally miss doses of, it’s particularly helpful to have a regular supply delivered right to your door without  having to think about it. You do need to have a prescription, which requires speaking to a licensed healthcare practitioner who can take your medical history and other factors into account, but now that can be done securely and comfortably without having to leave your home. There’s nothing more annoying than realizing you’re down to your last birth control pill and you need to run out for an emergency refill, where the pharmacy may charge an emergency refill fee on top of the usual cost of the medication. By ordering online, you can avoid ever having those situations again. 

How to get birth control

You can get birth control by talking to a licensed healthcare practitioner and getting a prescription that is suitable for your lifestyle. The most common kinds of prescription-only birth control are oral contraceptives, more commonly known as the pill. However, other prescription-only types of birth control exist, such as the birth control patch and the vaginal ring. To get any of these prescription-only forms of birth control you’ll need to meet with a doctor who will ask about your medical history and any other medications you may be taking before writing you a prescription. Then, you can get your prescription filled at any pharmacy. An even easier way to get prescription birth control is to use an online healthcare provider like Felix. With Felix, you can set up an online visit, get your prescription, and order your birth control all from one site. This way, you can save the trips to the doctor and the pharmacy, and you never have to worry about running out. If you’re looking for non-prescription types of birth control, such as condoms and spermicide, you can find these at any drug store and many other retailers over-the-counter with no prescription required.

How to get a birth control prescription

You can get a birth control prescription through a licensed Canadian healthcare practitioner. If you have a family doctor, they will be able to prescribe you birth control. A walk-in clinic can also provide birth control prescriptions. You may be asked when your last Pap smear was, and if you’re overdue for one the doctors may only give you a prescription for a few months, encouraging you to get your regular Pap smear and then come back for a longer prescription. The easiest way to get a birth control prescription is through an online healthcare provider like Felix. Your prescription will still be written by a licensed healthcare professional, as is legally required in Canada, but you don’t have to visit them in person to get it. Instead, you can set up an online consultation, provide the necessary information about your medical history and anything else that may be relevant, and get your prescription without having to leave your home. You can then order your birth control directly to your doorstep through Felix, so you can skip the pharmacy trip, too. With recurring deliveries, you don’t have to worry about realizing you’re at the end of your pack of pills without a refill ready to go.

How to get birth control pills without a doctor

You can get birth control pills without visiting a doctor by using an online healthcare service like Felix. Your quick online visit with Felix will still be reviewed by a healthcare practitioner, who will then prescribe oral contraceptives if appropriate for you, but you don’t have to go to a doctor’s office at any point in the process. In Canada, only licensed healthcare practitioners can write prescriptions, and these have to be filled by registered pharmacists. Felix takes care of all of this without you having to go to a doctor’s office or pharmacy.  Instead, once your prescription has been written, you can order your contraceptive pills from Felix and have them delivered to your home without any hassle of going to a pharmacy to get your prescription filled. Plus, you can have them delivered to you regularly, so you’ll never find yourself rushing to the pharmacy because you realized you’re all out of birth control pills. Even if you don’t have a family doctor, you can quickly and easily get your birth control prescription and have your first order of birth control pills on its way to you in no time. 

How to get birth control in Canada

To get birth control in Canada, you have to get a prescription from a licensed healthcare practitioner. Of course, there are also non-prescription forms of birth control that you can buy over the counter at drug stores and other retailers. However, if you want to take oral contraceptives, these need to be prescribed by a doctor. Once you have your prescription, you can get it filled at any pharmacy. Typically, you may be able to buy up to three months at a time. Once you’re out, you return to the pharmacy to get a refill. If there are no more refills left on your prescription, you’ve got to get a new one from a doctor. The easier way to do this is to use an online healthcare service like Felix. You can get your prescription online and order your birth control to be shipped right to your home regularly. This saves you having to think about when it’s time to refill your prescription, and you’ll never find yourself all out of pills and rushing out to get more. You can also skip the doctor’s visit to renew your prescription since this can all be done easily online.

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